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Canal City

Fortenberry Homes, Inc. sells improved, construction-ready, lots and builds affordable homes in Canal City, an established subdivision located just east of Gilchrist on the east end of Bolivar Peninsula.


Canal City is an established subdivision bordered on the south by HWY 87, the main artery for the peninsula, and on the north by the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and East Bay in Galveston Bay beyond. A 368-acre wildlife preserve borders it to the west and the Cade Ranch and town of High Island border it to the east.

Unique Assets of Canal City

We build our homes in Canal City for several reasons:

  • Environmentally friendly infill
  • Proximity to the Houston Audubon Society's Mundy Marsh Bird Sanctuary
  • Established homeowners association (HOA)
  • Direct beach and bay access
  • Beautiful vistas

Environmentally Friendly Infill

Fortenberry Homes builds their homes on infill lots. Infill building means that the builder uses existing infrastructure on which to build. There are many benefits to infill building including preservation of existing raw land for important habitat and renewed vitality for existing developments that may have previously languished. Familiar examples of infill is the growth occurring in downtown areas all over the country and the reviving of old buildings into clean, updated, modern spaces.

One of the biggest benefits of building on infill is the preservation of raw land that would otherwise have been used in the development. The natural lands on Bolivar Peninsula are an important habitat for birds that migrate from Central and South America to areas all over the North American continent and it is important to preserve their migration, resting grounds here on Bolivar. Canal City was originally platted and canals were dredged in 1957 and there are homes established there which means that development there will have a lower impact on the habitat.

Proximity to Audubon Nature Preserve

view of coastal prairie

The Mundy Marsh Bird Sanctuary acquired by the Houston Audubon Society in 2004 consists of 368 acres of prime, coastal wetlands and prairie immediately adjacent to Canal City to the west. Residents of Canal City are fortunate to have the rare opportunity to live right next door to a natural preserve and be able to enjoy the views, sounds, breezes and wildlife associated with the marsh.

Established Homeowners Association

Because of its established Homeowners Association (HOA), the residents of Canal City know each other and have worked together to invest in their community. They acquired beachfront access and built a walkover for residents to have direct access to the beach and they acquired permits necessary to keep the canals free for boaters use.

Direct Beach and Bay Access

The entrance to Canal City lies just 200 yards from the Gulf of Mexico on the north side of HWY 87 and just across from it's own private beach access walkover for use by Canal City residents. Canal City also has three one-mile long canals connecting to the ICW which empties into Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico beyond. The canals provide each lot private access to the ICW and the bay system for fishing, boating, birding and more. An active community association routinely updates deed restrictions and works with the US Corp of Engineers to maintain canal dredging permits.

Beautiful Vistas

Beautiful views surround Canal City including both sunrises and sunsets, wetlands, and water. Canal City is optimally situated between the ICW and HWY 87 on the north and south and between thousands of acres of prime wetlands and uplands habitat and a bird sanctuary immediately adjacent to the east and west. Residents of Canal City live in a great community that will continue to grow in value over time.


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